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Allegiant (Divergent #3) - Veronica Roth

Hey all! Its Cassafrass here *waves* So I never actually posted a review on the blog yet, so I thought I should get around to it! Now I dont really know how to do that fancy HTML stuff Belle does... So Im going with good old Copy/Paste. XD If you want to read my review including spoilers (It looks a bit empty without them..) , check out Allegiant Review . Thanks for bearingg!! *sheepish grin* Ill learn all this tech stuff soon enough!


This is the much dreaded ending.
First of all, I want to say that I didn't cry, MUCH to my surprise.. but before going in depth on the ending, I would like to talk about the rest of the book.

*clears throat*

The disappointments of Allegiant. Here we go: (Dont worry, there aren't that many ;)

1. Allegiant, unlike the rest of the series, has dual PoVs - but they had the same voices! Maybe it's because it's Roth's first time writing dual PoVs, I dunno, but I couldn't tell them apart. This kinda ruined the book for me a bit... since I had to flip back every once in a while to check to was speaking. (I got them mixed up SO many times..e.g Me: This is Tobias, isn't it? Why is he looking at hi- ahhh. Tris. *shakes head* YOU FOOLED ME AGAIN, YA LITLE TWEAK XD)

2. Four/Tris' relationship lacked a bit here in my opinion. I can't really phrase how to say it, but it seemed to me that whenever she was with Four (I love calling him Four) was either trying to get his shirt off, or they weren't talking because disagreements/fights.

3. Triss...wasn't the same Tris I knew and loved Divergent. I mean yeah she was tougher and all that jazz, but she became a little too cocky after all those experiences, and that was a little sad for me to read. Plus the whole general storyline got so draggy and boring a few times in the middle, and I really wanted to put it down :-/

*counts off fingers* I think that's it.... I really cant talk about the ending without giving anything away, but ov
erall, although I think it isn't the best book ever, the ending was phenomenal and definitely the best wrap up written for the series. (Not that I appreciate it. I've got my eye on you for the future, Roth. *narrows eyes* :P) Good job, though. I mean it.

Ohh btw, has everyone seen the film or is it just me that needs to watch it XD 
And personally, I think making Allegiant into two films is unneeded. 

-MissOddball™ Over and Out. *salutes*


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