Tuesday, April 1, 2014

LUX: Consequences

Like I promised, here is the cover for LUX:Consequences, which is the bind-up of Opal and Origin aka LUX #3 and #4, if you're not as versed with everything Luxen :P
What do you think of it? Objectively, I don't like it that much.....*sadface*, however I did like the cover for  LUX: Beginnings. Idk......I just don't like the face shot of the girl in this one......:/
Anyhoooo, I still feel obliged to let you make your own choice on da matterrrr! Sooooo heree you areee:

And as alwayss...........CAN'T WAIT FOR OPPOSITION!!!!!! *MAD SQUEAL*

—MissBloodsucker™ All Sucked Out!