Thursday, May 22, 2014

5/21 Random Updates (Pre?)Wednesday Issue #4

*does a double-take at date* Ohh h-heeyyyy guysss! *rueful grin* XD's Thursday?!?! I-I was Wednesday....? *glances around* Well then o.O *giggles and clears throat* Somehoww, I thought it was Wednesday here (and Tues for other peeps)......but apparently it's actually Thursday *pouts and frowns* Imma goingg craazzyyyy *sucks teeth* Hmmphh. XDD Well you know what time it is right?! ......*crowd nods*.......that's correct!! :D Tis Random Updates Timeeeee!! Whooopppppp! *bounces up and down* Even tho it's a day late hehe, here y'all are:

  • Ohh yeaahh! We got nominated for the Liebster Award for a second time! .....even tho I'm waaayy to lazy to do it AGAIN I can't seem to figure out who exactly nominated us except for their Twitter account *perplexed laugh* So anyhooo......thanks Jamie Clark, whoever you areee! *cracks up*
  • I watched The Book Thief Movie Adaption!! I admit it wasn't quite as good as the book......okayy, nowhere near as good......XD They changed it quite a bit, I noticed, and at first Death's voice was a bit awkward, but after a while I kinda got used to it XD I was kinda disappointed that there was no apple thievin' in da movieeee tho *whines* :P The ending was pretty good! Even tho they didn't show Alex Steiner's grieving or anything o.O It just went.......2 YEARS LATER DUN DUNN DUUNNN!!!!!!!! XPP Ah wells.....we got to see Liesel and Max's reunion at da shop! :DD Yeeeyyyy!! *cheers happily*
  • YOOHOOOO!!!!!!!! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!! THE DARKEST MINDS BOOK 3 AKA IN THE AFTERLIGHT COVER HAS BEEN REVEALED!!!!!!! :DDDD *SCREAMS AND RUNS IN CIRCLES* Aaand yes the cover does have the tagline The Darkest Minds Never Fade In The Afterlight ;D You see it?? Yaahhh?! XDD Ingenious, isn't it?! *winks*

Source of pic: Entertainment Weekly

Doesn't it look awesome?!?! Not as pwetty as the Heir of Fire covers, I admit, but still xD Soooo cool in mah opinion!! :D I found it just today now I'm kinda glad I didn't post on da the correct day *cracks up*
Eeeeekkkk! *squeals* Now we've got the covers for Opposition, Heir of Fire, AND In The Afterlight! *FIST PUMP*.......*sobers up* just give usss the actual books you wonderful authorsss *pointed look at three particular peeps* lol or elseee *narrows eyes* Nahhh, kiddin'! But seriously, gimme zee booksss!! Me wanttt!! *grovels and begs* Hurrryyy uppp Mr. Timeee!!!
Ohh! And if you want to read more about the cover on Entertainment Weekly, and read a bit of meagre yet precious info from Alexandra Bracken about In The Afterlight, click on this link and read da post I found here!

Okeyy that's all from me peeps! :PP *waves happily* I guess you can go noww and leave me to continue fangirlinggg about zee cover reveal hehe!!

—MissBloodsucker™ All Sucked Out!

XDD Jamie Clarke.. Yeah I would follow your blog and such but we only have your Twitter *giggles* and there's like 7 Jamie Clarkes on Goodreads so that's not much help either... anyways. Drop by and give us a link when you're free? ;)

Beellleeee I watched that two days ago! :D I watched half right after I finished the book but hated it at first.. I think it was too close. Book Thief book rubbed meh raww xD The film was actually really really good though, now that I watched the whole thing.....3 months later....hehe :P The ending could have been better, I think. and I wanted the apple scene and also Rudy's teddy and bread giving scene! :( Ah wells.


  • Did you know they're signing Heir of Fire ARCs somewhere in New Orleans?? *sobs* WHY DON'T AUTHORS EVER COME CLOSE TO WHERE I LIVE D: So unfair.
  • I think it's the international finaaalllss week too? XD All around i'm hearing things about exams. So goodluck to y'all if yours are coming uppp!! Luckily my exam results don't count for the final grade because I transferred reaaaaally late :P Can't cram 12 month's of work in 2 weeks nuh uh *shakes head vigorously*
  • IT'S GETTING SOOO HOOOTTTT, AGREE? We had to turn on the A/C for the first time today!! (Not including you Aussies or other Southern Hemi people, of course XD) I opened my window and fell asleep yesterday, which was a really bad idea because NOW the pollution decides to strike up suddenly. Gee thanks. I slept through all the dust -_- Conclusion: I have a sore throat and a cold. Yayyyy. *sighs* but colds seem to be attackin everyoneee nowawdaysss..which doesn't make any sense because it's SUMMAH *pouts* 
  • I find this so relateable.. Dont you? .-. 

Tis a bit sad but who can help it? XD

  • What elseee.....OHH *snaps fingers* I knew I was forgetting something!! Last but not least, if you haven't seen it yet, here is the 4th Book of Heroes of the Olympus series by Rick Riordan...THE BLOOD OF OLYMPUS'S COVER RELEASE!!! I know I'm a bit slow but come onnn..there should be some people who haven't seen it yet!! *defensive look* Personally, I'm not TOO much of a fan of these books, but I read it ages ago and need a reread. Anyone want to join me? XD

-MissOddball™ Over and Out. *salutes*


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