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Fire and Flood - Victoria Scott

HEYLOOOO! It's Mad :D I haven't been on for a while, cuz I been SUPER busy, but I just read this book O.O I mean, I read A LOT. I've prolly read about 30 books (most likely more, but I don't keep track. Ain't nobody got time for that) So anyhoo... I just picked up this book, like oh, pretty cover, not expecting much and WHAM! I was hooked from the first page. This book is effing amazing. So anyways, after I finished I was like I MUST TELL THE WORLD ABOUT THE AMAZINGNESS THAT IS THIS BOOK. So here I am, taking a break from my busy life, because this book is just WAY too great to not rant about. Enjoy :D!!!!!!!

Fire and Flood

By: Victoria Scott

Fire and Flood by Victoria Scott
305 pages
Mad: FRIGGEN ADORES THE CRAP OUT OF THIS BOOK!!!! The main character is pretty much the funnest MC ever and if she existed in real life I'm positive we'd be besties. Then there's the PANDORAS! Oh my goodness you cannot resist the adorable!!!!!!! Just love. That's all I can say about this book. LOVEEEEEEE it.

Tella Holloway is losing it. Her brother is sick, and when a dozen doctors can't determine what's wrong, her parents decide to move to Montana for the fresh air. She's lost her friends, her parents are driving her crazy, her brother is dying—and she's helpless to change anything.

Until she receives mysterious instructions on how to become a Contender in the Brimstone Bleed. It's an epic race across jungle, desert, ocean, and mountain that could win her the prize she desperately desires: the Cure for her brother's illness. But all the Contenders are after the Cure for people they love, and there's no guarantee that Tella (or any of them) will survive the race.

The jungle is terrifying, the clock is ticking, and Tella knows she can't trust the allies she makes. And one big question emerges: Why have so many fallen sick in the first place?

Victoria Scott's breathtaking novel grabs readers by the throat and doesn't let go. (goodreads)

Mad's Review <3

Where do I even begin?! This book is just so fricken amazing! I can't even...! Words are failing me! It's so...! EEEEEEE!!! I LOVES IT. 

Okay firstly: Tella. Otherwise known as 'I'm pretty sure someone stuck a mind reading device in me, collected my thoughts for a year or two and then crafted a character out of them' I swear! She's me from a parallel universe or something!!! I didn't see a single instance in the ENTIRE BOOK where she didn't do pretty much exactly what I would've done in the given situation. Well done Victoria Scott, well done.

For starters, she gets this wonderful little high tech ear device thingy that tells her about this competition called 'The Brimstone Bleed' that winning would give her what she needs to save her brother. So what does she do? Immediately runs off into the night to a sketchy location to join it. HECK YEAH CHICKA! *dances around* Worried about the fact it's called 'The Brimstone BLEED?' Nah. Carry on, I am just way too legit to care about such trivial matters as creep names. Hair's bothering me? Lop it off. I just fricken love her to pieces. And then how she is with Madox?! I'm like: I just love you so much!!! Was there ever a more perfect main character? NOPE. I assure you there is not.

She's just SO great! I'm all like: *giant creepy smile* You want to be my friend!?

"I close my hand around the lid and pull it off. Inside is a tiny pillow. I imagine all sorts of miniature animals using it in their miniature beds. But that's dumb, because how would they ever find a pillow case to fit?"
-Fire and Flood pg. 7

"Turns out I never properly appreciated the awesomeness that is toilet paper. Next time my mom asks me to pick up a jumbo pack at the store, I will hold my head high."
-Fire and Flood pg. 61

Then there's MADOX. And may we just take a moment to recognize the perfection that is that name? *moment of silence* Mmmmkay moving on, so I can fawn over him some more:  *squeals loudly* HE'S JUST SO CUTE!!!!! *kisses all over his entire face* I can't say too much about him cuz it'd be spoilers... but seriously!!! I fricken adore his face off!!!!! I just wanna cuddles with him and kiss him and MEH!!!!! Dang, Victoria Scott, I gotta give you major props for Madox, because I'm fairly certain I have never come across a single more perfect thing in a book. Ever. Seriously. I mean he's like tied with Will Herondale for perfection. Like seriously. MAJOR perfection. Pretty much the whole book is just perfection.

THE PANDORAS!!!!!!! At first I heard pandoras and I'm like... okayyyyyyyy.... Then I read the first scene with one and now it's more like PANDORAS!!!!!!EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! PANDORASSsssSSsssSSSSsssSSsSsSSSssSSSssssSS!!!!!!!!! *fills with massive amounts of giddy glee* Yeah. I'm not gonna say much about them, cuz again, spoilers, but, just know. THEY'RE SO LEGIT!!!!!!!!! And I don't think I've ever loved any single person I've never met better then Victoria Scott simply for the reason that she came up with the legit, awesome, adorable, I FRICKEN WANT ONE- ness that are pandoras.

Then there's Guy. (unfortunate naming choice in my opinion, but it's okay, he makes up for it in sexy) On a level of broody to sullen Guy starts off somewhere around a 'Touch me and you DIE. Heck don't even look at me. You know what? Don't even THINK about looking at me, cuz I will know, and I WILL glare, and you know, possibly murder you in your sleep.

The guy looking down at me is very tall, or maybe he just seems so because I'm still on the ground. He appears to be about my age, though the broad width of his shoulders tell me he may actually be a couple of years older. His eyes are blue. Not in the way that makes me buckle at the knees and start naming our children, but the kind of blue that makes my breath catch. A cold, hard blue that looks more like a statement than a color.
-Fire and Flood pg. 31

So obviously the proper response is: BEEP BEEP BEEP Backin' up!!! Please don't kill me!

But after you get to know him a little it's more like: *drools* Oh HELLO O.O  

Then about half way through the book, just be prepared to fall into a pile of panting mush whimpering 'kiss me, please, just kiss me.

So how to sum up this book....

Fire and Flood is an addicting, exciting, fun as jumping off a cliff and magically sprouting wings type of read. It's a don't bother me, I'm-reading-and-crap-just-got-real kind of book. It's a book that makes you grin uncontrollably and accidentally burst out into hysterical laughter in the middle of math class. 

I dare you to not read this book. I just DARE you. 


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