Thursday, May 8, 2014

5/7 Random Updates (Pre?)Wednesday Issue #3

Yuuppp XD It's that time again! RANDOM UPDATES (PRE?)WEDNESDAYY!!!! Eeeeeeek!

Soo there's not much to tell at the moment.....but anyhooo *clears throat*:

  • So we're now on Feedspot! XD's the link if you somehow failed to spot it on the right bar hehe *sticks out tongue*
  • OH YEAAHH! I TOTALLY FORGOT!! Opposition, you know, by J. L. Armentrout got a cover!

Source of pic: SagaLuxSpain

......not my fav, unfortunately, but like Armen said on her FB page, she doesn't design or have any say in the covers......tho she did make us a different cover for Lux's 5th and final book......*falls over laughing* My eyes were bulging out of my head when I saw this, no joke!! XPP

Source of pic: Facebook

  • I'm really, really sorry for the HUGE delay in the Liebster Award post, it's almost finished.....we're just waiting on a reply from one of our prospective nominees as to their total number of followers......since I thought it might be a bit close to yeah, sorry again peeps XD
  • My mum and I wanted to get a DVD copy of Frozen to keep in our personal collection, 'cause, you know, Frozen is AWESOMESAUCE!! Right???? But what happened then, you ask? Welll........I'll tell you! WE COULDN'T FIND A SINGLE COPY BECAUSE ALL THE STORES WE CHECKED IN TOWN WERE SOLD OUT!!! *EVERYONE GASPS* IKR?!?! So now we'll have to wait for the shops to re-stock till we can get our beloved Frozen and make my bro and dad watch it *snickers* Talk about popular Disney movies *shakes head in disbelief*
  • I'm terrible. No really, I haven't finished a single book (not counting Watty books *winks at Tiaaaaa XD) all month! *sadface* I really must get onto reading all the books I wanna stick my head into........but what do I read first once I've finished The Book Thief? *sigh* Re-start The Fiery Heart and/or Alienated, or FINALLY read White Hot Kiss (seriously, I've been DYING to read this)? Any thoughts guys? lol here I am asking for help.....urghhh. *smacks forehead*
Okay that's a wrap! If ya want to add anything Cazz, you know what to do ;D

—MissBloodsucker™ All Sucked Out!

Elloooo Cassie here! XD Yeahhh I gotsa agree that the Opposition cover isn't my favourite..but then offense of courrse.. none of the Lux novel covers are really...great o.O I mean have you SEEN them? *giggles* Although this one seems to top the ugly cover list of the Lux series. Whats up with the design publishers.. that dude does NOT look like Daemon. At all. *throws hands up* He's not even wearing a shirt *facepalm* If that's meant for women to go "Oooh baby faced shirtless dudeee! Let's reaadd ittt!!" No. Plan failed.
and OMG THAT DRAWING OF THE COVER!!!! AHAHAHA!!! NY Times blahblah *gasps for breathe* I actually like that one better XD LOOK AT HIS WITTLE ZAPPY HANDS!!! *falls over laughing* ALIEN FACEEEE!! XD I feel like crazy right now.. laughing my head off all alone in my room..*clears throat awkwardly* Anyhoo.....moving on. Thanks a lot, Belle XP

  • Okay, how many of you read the BFG? By Roald Dahl? Childhood memoriiess... *looks over at crowd*...*sees a majority of hands raised*  Yes! *claps hands* Weeelll...get ready for itt...even if you might have heard this already....*drum roll* STEVEN SPIELBURG IS TO MAKE A FILM ADAPTION. *awaits response* XD Aren't you excited?? Even though I have no idea when it's gonna come out, I really want to see it!! I read that book when I was like 7 or 8. Awesome book.. Ze Big Friendly Giant<33 
  • Alsoo... apparently the 20th Century Fox Television ordered a TV pilot of Delirium byyy..Lauren Oliver, I think? Yeahhh. I got the news from um.. it's comin to me...*racks brain* Okay pooh, I can't remember. I'll search my history and get back to ya XD Has anyone read it? I haven't, but it looks interesting enough. Although I tried reading Panic by Lauren Oliver, and i've been reading it for a month now.... *shrugs* Maybe Delirium will be better! Hopefully. 
  • What elseee is new...*ponders* Oh. The One by Kiera Cass came out a few days ago! Personally, I didn't really like the series, so I didn't bother reading it and asked for spoilers. (I know who she pickss *cackles*) and loads of people have been crying over it, no idea why since I haven't read it, but also, loads of people have been tweeting about #TheOne, and I'm seeing #TheOne EVERYWHERE. Literally. XD And I've also seen #UnlockTheOne about a million times too (I'm lookin at you mostly, Rach XD) Such dedicated people *clutches head* Kiera Cass would be proud. Thoughts about the book? Without spoilers please? :D Loved it..hated it.. Tell meh.
  • Don't know if this is remotely interesting to you, but my current favourite songs of the week are Livin on a Prayer by Bon Jovi and Piano Man by Billy Joel. I'm on a oldies craze ever since like twoo...weeks ago? Don't look at me like that! *whines* Oldies are actually really nicee!! I mostly listened to rock before, but now its oldies rock *waggles eyebrows* XD 
  • My science teacher called me a ninja today. HIYAA. *giggles* Did you know my dream was to be a ninja ever since I was like...7? Thats why whenever my teachers told me to write my dream down, so they could use it in display or whatever, I was like Them: ... Anything else? Me: *stands there for literally more than 5 minutes trying to come up with a "realistic" one*...*teachers get impatient*...Why don't you be an author or nurse, sweetie? You would be good at those. Me: *nods* Author. XD I don't wanna be an author though, as strange as it might seem..being an avid reader and all. I dunno..I like READING. Writin ain't mah thing. 
  •  ... Okay i'm just now realizing that THAT, was so not relevant XD Sozz. *winks* Juss saying that teachers should be perfectly okay with you being a ninja. We should make protest signs.. LET US BE NINJAS. NINNNJAA. NINNNJAA. *chants*
  • Whelp that's it! ^.^ Aside the fact my dog just scared the heck outta me by barking RIGHT IN MY EAR. -_- Me: *yelps and smashes keyboard*...*scowls* Shush it, pup. 

-MissOddball™ Over and Out. *salutes*


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