Thursday, June 5, 2014

6/3 Random Updates (Pre?)Wednesday Issue #5

Phew! *wipes brow* I've been so busy lately with school stuff and dancing.....the dreaded comps are looming over me like angry dark clouds accosting vengeance! *shrinks back* Those evil spins and pirouettes *shudders* Haha back to the subject! *shakes head at wandering brain* Heyy you lot! So to give you an update of things latelyyy.......other than my dance life *winks*

  • Psst. *conspiratorial whisper* XD I may be going to see TFiOS with a RLF aka real life friend in a couple days :P Maaaybbe. Not set in stone just yet. I don't wanna jinx it, but there's a heads up anyways 'cause I'm useless at hiding secrets lol! So anyhooo, if I do watch it, I'll be sure to tell y'all my thoughts yaahh? *nods* Righto. The book wasn't a fav per say, but I always love a good movie so *fingers crossed* :D
  • I'm currently reading an ARC (well :P It was an ARC when I received it lol, tho I'm not sure it qualifies, since I'm meant to review it just as or just after it comes out.......which is today haha) of Cinderella's Dress, which is a new book published by Entangled Teen Pub. So fyi I should have it up soon! :) (partly because a certain person sharing my name is waiting patiently for me to get onto a BR aka buddy read! *guilty grin*) So keep a eye out. Or two.
  • I heard some exciting news!! Squeeeeeee!!! All you folks familiar with Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series and it's spinoff, Bloodlines? If you have indeed read them, you'll know that she lovessss writing series with 6 books apiece xD And Bloodlines is no exception! Even tho Silver Shadows aka Bloodlines #5 isn't out yet, the name of the 6th and final book has already just been revealed! What an awesome Tweet to wake up to ;D

  • Lux: Beginnings and Lux: Consequences have finally been released today......or yesterday, depending where you live!! XP *fist pump* Hoojaahhh Jenn L. Armen! So if you live somewhere that actually has up-to-date books on shelves, you'll probably find them there.......but if you live somewhere like me......*sigh* XDD P.s. Armentrout maaaayyy have a giveaway running.......if you're interested *blinks innocently*: here
  • Plus this tweet by Sarah Maas had me running in circles screaming happily ;DD

That's it from me peeps! Have a good (Pre?)Wednesday! Byyeeeeeeeeeeeee! *waves*

—MissBloodsucker™ All Sucked Out!


Whaat fairr. I haven't even watched Divergent yet -_- Stupid theatres. I dunno if i'll like TFioS muchh be honest :P The book was really good, but in movie form, It has to be perrrfecto to not be too cheesy looking xD (Yes I did watch the trailer but I can't really tell. hehe)


Oh aaand sowwyyy I haven't been on much either ;( I don't have an exciting dance life (...and it's better that way...for everyone..) but schooooool *scowls* I mean, vacation in three weeks, people. WHYYY ARE YOU GIVING US A NEW PROJECT AT THE END OF TERM D: AND RIGHT AFTER EXAMS ENDED *facepalm* Anyhoo. But I DID manage to make it about J K. Rowling, so kudos to me ;) ...however, still stupid.

Uhhhhhh...........Book news..........uhhhhh...........XD Uh uh uh uhhhh *shrugs*

  • I just finished This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith! :D New favourite. It's really really really gooooood. I must read the Geography of You and Me soon. If you dunno her, you should check it outtt! She also wrote the Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, which I reviewed a few weeks ago..I think..yeah.. See if ya want. So yesh. If you're out looking for nice contemp novels, you have to read this man. :D TiWHLL (#Lazynessss)'s review will be up..eventually :P I have like 3-4 I need to write, but most were 3 stars, and I really don't like writing 3 star reviews. I mean, It was just ehhh! Nothing spectacular, but not horrible either.. so theres not much to talk about. I may just skip reviewing *sticks out tongue* I love reviewing 5 star or 1 star books the best xD Gush or rant. Ta daaaa!
Anyways. I think that's it o.O I haven't had time to really look for interesting things :P Shame. It's quite fun... Better next week, right? :D

-MissOddball™ Over and Out.


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