Friday, September 12, 2014

9/11 Random Updates (Pre?)Wednesday Issue #10

Yessss I know it's "technically" a preTHURSDAY post but mehh *sticks tongue out* It's random.

Hmm not a lot happened over the week, I guess.. but here we go:

— The FM now has an INSTAGRAM account @fangirlingmisses . Obviously not much is posted.. but if you want to chat or give us some reading recommendations or whateverr, it's really easy to let us know :D Just comment on those picture thingys. Follow please? We'll follow back.

— We're getting nearer and nearer to the publication of IN THE AFTERLIGHT !!! Seriously, October 28th is way too farrrr!! And I seriously need to get my hands on that 2.5 novella *cries* Maybe i'll reread Never Fade while i'm waiting...

— Has anyone watched the IF I STAY or THE GIVER film yet? I'm really curious if they made If I Stay right o.O It's a bit of a hard book to make a film of, don't you think?
Hmm I haven't read the Giver though.. better get onto it.

— I'm going on a school trip to Mongooolia for a week from Monday.. so i'll be gone from the blogger and internet world *dramatic whisper* MISS ME. No juss kidding. No reading for a week though since it's suppose to be a "social" trip.. I miss my computer already *pats laptop* Maybe i'll bring back a picture of a camel. Do you like camels? :D Everyone loves camelssss

—If you're Amy Heugh, sorrrryyyy for the horrible lagging of reading your bookk :/ I'm drowning in homework and stuff... but i'll get that review posted by the weekend! I'm going to go on a reading splurge.

— If you have Kik, you can chat up with me at Lunaluv934 XD I'm lonelyy during the day.
..aaaand now I sound like a person with no life seeking out desperate a social life. Shhh don't tell anyone ;)

— Awwww today is 9/11 :( Memorial day for the terrible incident.. hope everyone is doing well<3

—MissOddball™ Over and Out.


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