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Spearwood Academy Two: Episodes 6–10 by A.S. Oren

Spearwood Academy Two: Episodes 6-10
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Spearwood Academy Two: Episodes 6-10 by A.S. Oren
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Current Rating on Goodreads: 4.14 of 5 stars
Pages: 93
Synopsis (on Goodreads):

Avalon is the first female of her kind in centuries. She is a dragon shapeshifter, who is painfully cursed to turn into her dragon form every night. Spearwood Academy has the answers to her questions, but there is just one problem, up until she came along it was an all boy school. How ever will this Harry Potter geek, Whovian and Nerdfighter wade through the waters of testosterone, greed and even love? 

An omnibus of episodes 6-10. Corruption rains down on Spearwood Academy.

*****I recieved a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.*****

Okay, so V2 starts of exactly where V1 ended. And if you're wondering, these volumes aren't written like 'novels'. Rather, almost like TV episodes ^^ It's pretty funny because I feel like I'm watching TV, except I'm reading it lol!

Anyhoo, the first thing I wanted to do when I finished reading was gloat :P Because I totallyy guessed Amr and Avvii's connection from the start! *triumphant smirk* Of course, I'm can't say anything about it tho *zips lips* That would be a spoiler after all hehe!

The constant mention of shows and fan fiction was a bit weird for me, since I didn't understand half of the puns or inside jokes, but whatever *shrugs*

Also it's interesting that the Royals aren't actually on top of the pecking order ^^ I guess they're in as much of a jam as everyone else......they just get fancy clothes and a let's-boss-people-around right as a bonus XP
And then you have the Ancients, whom I can't seem to figure out if they're 'good' or 'bad'......apparently they have different vibes? *cocks head* I'm assuming that means that some have better intentions than others......

And the heat thing was hilarous....in a creepy kinda way XDD It was also quite dramatised in a way that almost reminded me of Rebel Belle ^^ Same with the memory thing, it was really weird and dramatic....I'm not sure how I feel about it all, but I'll just roll with it for now I guess *shrugs*

Avalon/Avvi is as strong as she was in V1, which I'm grateful for lol! Only problem is I feel a bit disconnected from her, but overall she's pretty cool.
Then you have the boys....and duudee is there many of them or what! What I don't get is Avalon has gotten tingles and 'electricity' *cough* with half of them when she happens to brush fingers or something silly like that *quirks brow* How is this even possible? o.O Stick to a tops of 2 love interests, girl! *facepalm* This is like, multiple puppy love at once *wags finger at Avvi*
You have Dante the flirt, Horace the calm one (generally), Amr the brotherly one *sly grin*, Triton my fav *winks*, Lusk the bully (who's not so bully-ish anymore yaay!), Bullock the rude tutor and Kearn the servant (I don't really care for him honestly)
And then you have the Royals! Paden is a total creepo o.O Seriously, I thought he'd give up, but nooo he's still trying to get Avvi to marry him *cracks up* Poor guy. Mind you, he seems to be calming down towards the end of V2, so mayhap he'll be tolerable after all XDD
And of course Maverick the mysterious one. By mysterious, I mean, he's a confusing character. He was Avalon's childhood bully when she was in school, and then he randomly pops up at Spearwood Academy, and it turns out, not only is he a dragon, but he's a Royal and Paden's brother. And then icing on the cake, he apologises repeatedly for bullying her and says that he was there to protect her? Very confusing.

Also, I happened on Oren's wordpress website (here), and I know the competition related to Spearwood Boys is now finished, but out of curiosity, I searched up the songs, and I'm sad to say I have no idea which boys half of the songs are connected to XD What I'm interested in, tho, is that most of the songs seem to suggest that the boys have feelings for Avalon that we don't know about just by reading V1 and V2, feelings that aren't platonic no less, so now I'm quite intrigued, and can't wait for the release of Spearwood Boys, because I'm certainly interested in knowing the inner workings of the boys' minds, especially since I now know of their apparent hidden feelings :P

While some things that happened in V2 were quite outlandish, it is a good indie story and continuation of V1, and if you want to read something that's just sheer fun and ridiculousness, then this is your material ;)
Again I thank A.S. Oren for giving me the opportunity to read this!
My review of V1 can be found on the blog: here

3 stars!

—MissBloodsucker™ All Sucked Out!

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