Policys and Claims

Review Policies

Acceptance Rules:
We absolutely love reviewing books.....duhh XP
But we aren't adults just yet (Belle: tho Tia dear, you're getting pretty close *innocent blink*) and hence we don't review adult books, tho we may accept some novels of the new adult genre.
And of course YA! :D *winks*
We do not accept young children books tho we may accept books targeted at young teens on a book-by-book basis. Indie books are also on a book-by-book basis.
We only accept ebooks at this time as physical copies mean sending to addresses....and which address around the world would it go to.....? XD Yuupp
Also, we will accept ARCs :)
So in overview.....

Review Request Book Checklist:
We accept the following:
–Young Adult
We may accept the following on a book-by-book basis:
–New Adult
–Young Teen
–Indie Books
We do not accept the following:
–Physical Copies

NOTE: No book is guaranteed acceptance, but we will consider all proposed novels carefully.

How To Apply:
Send the proposal to us via email:
Please include the following so we know more about your book:
–Quick author bio
–Review by-date if applicable
We will email you back with our decision!

About Our Reviews:
We post our reviews on the following sites:
–The blog *winks*
–Goodreads :)
–Barnes and Noble upon request

Sadly we currently do not post on Amazon due to the preliminary purchase that has to be made before reviews can be posted on Amazon.
We will generally post a requested review within:
2 – 3 weeks
(depending on if there is a review by-date)
This may be subject to change, after all we do have lives outside of blogging (shocking right?! XD), and we will kindly notify you if extra time is required.


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