Friday, June 20, 2014

Couch Potato Time #1 – The Fault In Our Stars

Like pwomised I watched TFiOS! ;D Dun dunn duunnnn *waves hands like a craaazy person*

TFiOS was a pretty good adaption for YA, I'll give it that xD
It wasn't full of only half-good actors, it didn't ruin the plot, and it didn't cut half the story. Nor was it a scarce one and a half hours long *cough* vampire academy *cough* :/

I guess they kinda re-wrote it partly like a skim. They skimmed over the parts they felt was less important, and only really focused on the juicy bits. But not soo much that the movie felt like they were rapidly flicking through the book 20 pages apiece, which was one of the problems with VA's movie adaption.

There were a few changes I noticed; namely there was no mention of Gus's *winces* dead ex-lover. Which I kinda preferred, honestly XP That aspect of the book always made me squirm uncomfortably......o.O
Also, they omitted the part just before they go to Amsterdam when Hazel hears Gus and his parents having a suspicious shouting match.....which I felt was significant because then there was like, no hint about his health plummet *frowns*
Oh well. We gain some, we lose some *winks*

One problem I had with the book and the movie alike, is that Gus kept the knowledge that he was dying to himself. He never told her until the end of the Amsterdam trip. Also (I don't want to, you know, down-grade his apparent 'perfect' image, but it's true, sorwieee *guilty look*) known as after he lost his virginity.
There she was, blabbing about how she's a 'grenade', and then she has that health scare, which is also around the time Augustus finds out about his own rapidly ailing health, and yet........he never mentions it to her. Not after she recovered, not before the Amsterdam trip, not during the Amsterdam trip. At the end.
Sure, he already made his intentions and feelings on loving a sick/dying person clear, aka his speech about how he'd love to have his heart broken by Hazel (by her dying.....if she had before him). That's jolly and all, but she never said she had the same outlook, soooo *raises eyebrows* If I were her, I'd be just a little mad. But nooooo, she was just like, okay.

The cheesiness rating! XDD Ehhh. *grins and shrugs* For the most part, it wasn't too cheesy......tho there were those few liness.......*cracks up and points down*

Anyhooo, the actors were awesome! And the movie was def worth watching, so if you're into that sort of thing, what are you waiting for? ;)

3.5 stars

—MissBloodsucker™ All Sucked Out!


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