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Couch Potato Time #2 – Vampire Academy

Source of Pic: Moviepilot
Source of Pic: Moviepilot
Live fast die young bad girls do it well, live fast die young bad girls do it well.....

*adopts Rose Hathaway voice*
Soooooo. *cracks up* VA. Vaaampiiiree Academy. That's right, folks. The time has come to delve into the wonderful world of Moroi, Dhampirs, and Strigoi by means of it's (currently?) one and only movie adaption. Yuuup :P

I watched it two days ago with my family, and because my brother has read VA as well, he and I kept bursting out laughing like hyenas, like, every 5 minutes (I think our parents thought we'd gone totally bonkers XP) because every time it came to a particular point in the story where we read the book and imagined it one way, the movie reality was just soooo drastically different it made it unbearably baaaad and funny to watch at the same time ^^ It's safe to say I spent half the time either fixated on the TV whilst cringing behind my chair, or laughing uncontrollably XD

I have a confession to make xD As much as I liked the the VA books, I didn't expect much from this movie.....I know, I know, how pessimistic of me *holds hands up in surrender* But you see, me being the movie fanatic that I am, I followed the production of VA quite closely. didn't exactly impress :P I mean, yeaahh the trailer was hilarious ^^ But from the start a lot of factors seemed cringe worthy XD Like, anything from the acting, the cheesy lines, and casting choices, to the way they walked and talked *nods sadly*

But it actually surprised me! I mean, it was totally cheesy and all that, but for me it felt longer than it's 1 hour 40 minutes, and some of the original plot work by ze glorious Mead really shined through.
So I guess you could say it was cheesy, but somehow so cheesy it was bearably hilarious? ^^ *snickers*

I actually feel like I benefited by knowing the book because seeing the movie compared to what I had imagined some scenes would be like when reading the book made it that much more funny! Also I think that if you'd never read the books, this movie may not appeal to you as much, because peeps who've read the books understand what's happening more clearly......for example where fans see a giggle worthy introduction of Ms Karp, you'll probably see some eyebrow raising what-the-fudge-sticks-am-I-doing-watching-this-movie worthy introduction to a teacher who's psychotically weird ^^ ....if you catch my drift XD

Cons Time.......*sigh*
I'd love to say that there weren't any cons, buuut then I'd be lying. And I don't lie......ookaaay, that's a lie *flashes grin*.......but I don't lie often *nods* XP
Firstly, the character development sucked (no pun intended *winks*) because the actual individual scenes were too rushed! VA is a really glorious book, with nice plot work, and you just cannot fit it in a 1 and 2/3 hour feature film :/ So to compensate for the lack of time, it was like.......'goood we're done this scene (albeit to the minimum), let's get to the next one effective immediately aaaaaahhh!! ......and don't forget to talk extremely fast o.O' XDD I'm not joking, my mum kept complaining that it almost seemed like the movie was on fast forward with the speed of their convos...*raises brow*


Rose! She was alright ;) I enjoyed Zoey Deutch as Rose Hathaway, so for the most part *thumbs up* :D

Lucy Fry as Lissa.....hmmm. She wasn't exactly what I'd pictured Lissa to look like, and the contacts were pretty obvious at times *quirks eyebrow* But overall she did a pretty okay job I think.....

Dimitri's actor pick wasn't as horrifying as I'd thought it would be *taps chin*, but still o_0 I stick to the fact that my vision for a less pale, less bulked up, in some ways more youthful, 5 o'clock shadowed Dimitri seems more appealing *frowns* And I seriously cringed each time he used the Rose pet name aka Roza *scrunches up nose* Blehhhhh.

Christian Ozera baybiii XP Now he was an awesome pick in my opinion! Tho unfortunately I had trouble connecting with his character portrayal for the simple fact that he 'fell in love' waaaayy too quickly in the movie. But that's not Dominic Sherwood's fault, that's just another movie length casualty -__-

Mia ^^ No. Sorry, but nooooo. Her pick just didn't work :/ Not only did she look nothing like I imagined, but her character arc was just a complete fail. Whether this was the actress, Sami Gayle's fault, or the fault of her script, I'm not sure, but nooo *shudders*

Will There Be A Second Movie?!
The million dollar question! Squueeeee! *pauses* The truth is, it's unconfirmed at the moment.....I guess it depends on how much they made....which probably wasn't that much XP And what the demand is....which depends on all you peeps out there in the big wide world *gestures widely*

Conclusion Dun Dunn Duuunnn!
If you wanted a serious badass adaption of VA, you'll be mighty dissapointed, but if you're happy to roll with a highly cheesy, lightly funded, mean girl style version, then go for it ^^ No one's gonna stop you :P

Well see y'all.......*pauses*......sweet sassy molassy! *cover mouth*......errr *turns bright red*......sorwieeee.......uhhh.....I couldn't help myself *waggles fingers* XDD

2.5 stars :P

—MissBloodsucker™ All Sucked Out!


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