Tuesday, July 22, 2014

IMPORTANT: Our Newest Miss Addition!

*picks up microphone*
Hello there dear readers! :D  We have some really exciting newwwwsss today! *beams* We have a new Miss joining us to post reviews and whatnot! *cough* About time. XD
We're ecstatic to announce that our lovely sistaahh Tia aka LittleMissTotem is joining ze blogging team at Fangirling! ;)
(Belle: We've been pestering her to join for aagessss XD *dramatic eye roll* And yesterday she asked if she could join the team......I was like...
what chu think??? *cackles*)
And henceforth Tia is now officially an FM blogger.....for life! ;P *wicked grin* 'Cause once you're in.....you never get out XP *widens eyes for emphasis* Heheh.
Anyyhooo, we'll be doing a Q&A today and asking her some questions so that you all can get to know her better! ....so please don't fall asleep ^^

Cass: Why did you finally start blogging?
Tia: I saw how much fun ya'll were having with it, and I figured it would be a good idea for a senior project.

Cass: So if it looked boring, you would never have joined? *raises eyebrow*
Tia: *sheepish grin* No, I would have, I was just too lazy to start when it was first made.

Cass: So you admit you really are a lazy bum?
Tia: I never said otherwise.
Belle: HAH! *ducks head*

Cass: Do you like writing reviews?
Tia: Well, I do because it gets my thoughts about the book out there, but I'm not good at them so I tend not to write them.
Cass: Well I'm not either, so this is good practice! :D If you see my earlier reviews, they're really stuupid.
Belle: *shakes head* So not true Cazz!

Cass: What books do you like?
Tia: Bloodlines obviously because Adrian (HE'S MINE), The Fault in Our stars, the Darkest Minds, The Knife of Never Letting Go, Lux, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, and Throne of Glass. That's it for now.
Belle: *chimes in* And Dorian in ToG is MINE.
Cass: LIAM STEWART FROM THE DARKEST MINDS *yells in from background*
Miss Trio: *glances at each other and high fives*

Cass: What genres do you like reviewing?
Tia: *sighh* I suck at knowing what genres my books are in....but Contemporary and um Dystopian, mostly.

Cass: What do you like to do in your spare time?
Tia: I write on Wattpad (Tillie4167, TwinsatHeart02, and Pessimistictilphin), read, and talk to people online!
Cass: You sound like a hermit XP
Tia: Thats because I AM a hermit?

Cass: If you could dye your hair any colour, which colour would you pick?
Tia: I'm dying red, but if I could do an ombre style, I would dye it purple or hot pink.

Cass: Say random things here because I ran out of questions?
Tia: Random things? Random things like what? You ran out of questions -_- Belle still needs to ask questions.
Cass: Yes good point. BEELLEE!!
Belle: Hold your horsies! XDD I've been busy trying to think up good songs for two new dance routines this year -__- *squints up at page* Well you two already have a nice amount of questions above....nice work btw ;P So I'll just ask a few more!

Belle: When did you become a bookworm? ;)
Tia: I've always loved reading. When I was younger and lived with my grandparents, I would always be pushing books into their hands so they could read to me. My grandma said she read me about 12 books a day! Then when I learned how to read myself, I never stopped ^^

Belle: What's your dream university? ......or....college? *scratches head* Americans XD
Tia: Um the University of Dublin, Ireland? Or University of Oregon.

Belle: Would you say you're a cat or dog person? *stare intently* This is very important. 
Tia: *raises eyebrow* uh huh important question. Okay then XD well I like cats because they're very independent and can take care of themselves pretty much but dogs actually like you, so...I'm a dog person ^^

Belle: How tall are you? Obviously taller than mee *pouts*
Tia: I am 5'3". Still short but yes definitely taller than you *grins*
Cass: *scowls* You have 2 inches on me.

Belle: What's your fav colourrr? :)
Tia: Hmm *taps chin* well just like with books, I can never seem to pick a favorite, but I like teal, sea green, light blue, and black ;)

Belle: What do you hope to gain from blogging?
Tia: I hope to gain computer skills that I didn't have before and I want to finally be able to say I'm apart of the social media world and I feel like blogging is the only way to do that xD plus it could help with my job in the future so that's always a plus ^^

Belle: Now tell us sumfin random.....'cause we're just cool like that *smirks*
Tia: Random? Uh...I'm obsessed with owls? XD is that random enough for you *winks*
Cass: Oh and yall will probably see more of this owl obsession soon ;)

Belle: Before some of us go to bed *sticks out tongue*, what would you like to say to ze readers of our humble blog?
Tia: I just want to say that my reviews may not be great but I'm learning and I can't wait to meet some of you and talk with you about the books that I've read! I'm glad I decided to join FM because now I get to meet all you wonderful people ;)

Okayy all done XD Thanks for reading peeps! And don't forget to say hi to Tia :P *bows and runs off*

—MissBloodsucker™ All Sucked Out!
—MissOddball™ Over and Out *salutes*
—LittleMissTotem™ Ruffling Your Feathers ;) 


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