Friday, August 8, 2014

Couch Potato Time #4 – Pompeii

Ohh. Myyyy. Gawdddd. *dies* I loveddddd this movie <3

There was such attention to detail! :D I was watching the special features after the movie finished and apparently they went craaazy precise to make it look as authentic to Pompeii as possible :)
And the graphics were awesome and everythang! I was just left gobsmacked staring as the mountain erupted, the ground shifted and the oceans heaved. Yessssss *sighs happily*

Ohh and guess what?! Jon Snow has magically appeared in another show ^^ *coughs* Wait sorry, what I meant was, a buffed, hotter Jon Snow, appeared in another show *winks*
I'm not kidding, he was literally identical except for the change of physique! XD Same curly black hair and everythang ;) *giggles* ......aand as you can tell, I may have acquired a teensy crush :P
Belle's rational side: *clears throat* Moving onn.....

Emily Browning played the lead female role, and I was pleasantly surprised by her character! :D Honestly, I was kind of expecting her to be this naïve rich girl who would annoy me the whole movie and then fall in love with the slave/gladiator (played by Jon Sn–I mean, Kit Harington......gaaaahh I keep thinking of him as Jon! *facepalm*), but Cassia (Emily's character) was actually pretty tough! Not physically *rolls eyes* XP Physically she looks extremely delicate. But instead of physical qualities, she was humble, brave, smart, and strong-willed :) Me likey! *nods approvingly*

There were also a few other notable actors and in particular being Cassia's mum! SHE WAS THE SAME ACTRESS WHO PLAYED TRINITY IN MATRIX!!!!!!! Eeeeeekkk *gaaasp*

I adored the character developments and relationships. It wasn't just a romance, there was bromance with Atticus (a fellow gladiator) and Milo (Kit's character), and and sisterhood with Cassia and Ariadne (niice names ;D), who, although she was technically Cassia's 'slave', they grew up together and mutually treated each other as sisters *wipes away tears and holds hand to heart* XP

Make no mistake tho, this is POMPEII. No one gets out alive *cries* Not even ze main characters. I knoowww, I burst your bubbles *pats head* But honestly, by the end even tho the story could be labeled tragic and star-crossed love, I felt at peace, and the ending was perfect in my opinion (the make-out session was a bit longer than I expected tho.....noottt that I'm complaining exactly ^^)

And before we watched Pompeii, my brother and I actually made a bet on if the main characters would die or survive....
You see, he was convinced that they'd die, simply because it was Pompeii, but I was hanging on to the hope that they'd let them live somehow.....but as it goes, you know nothing, MissBloodsucker ^^ (and to you GoT fans......yesss I did just say that XD)
And of course they didn't survive, and of course my bro had to make us bet 20 cents >.< *sniffs* Goodbyee my preciousss XD

So what can I say? I seriously loved this moviee! Can I pleaaasee see more movies with this new and improved Jon Snow? Pretty pleasee? Cherries on top? XDD

Thrilling. Enthralling. Haunting.
Thrilling because of all the fight scenes (ohh how I love old Roman time history stories *beams*). And the struggles of power. The politics.
Enthralling from the vengeance and retribution that was brought down upon a certain Senator......*smirks* I am always up for a good vengeance plot....they never fail to bring about a chilling smile on my face #AelinAshryverGalathynius
And it was Haunting. The cinematography. The deaths. Pompeii.

4.5 stars!

—MissBloodsucker™ All Sucked Out!


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