Friday, August 8, 2014

The Oddball and the Bee, coming for a collaboration

Mmkay, so today, we have dearest Lady Bee joining me for a little game/discussion thingy. Bee is from Let Books Bee , and she just started bloggingg.
Bee: Yayyy!

Err, okayy then! Let's get started. In this game/discussion, we will be saying something we liked, and didn't like about a particular book.

First up, is City of Bones by Cassandra Clare.

What we LIKED about it.
Bee: I don't know! :0
Cass: ... I kinda forgot the whole story?

*awkward silence*

Bee: I uh... liked Simon and the thing with the church... Isabelle was cool and was a badass *shrugs*
Cass: I liked the whole rune drawing idea thing..

Uhmm...Moving on.

What we DIDN'T like:

Bee: I didn't like Jace.. he was arrogant, and I stopped reading after it revealed that Jace and Clary were siblings. I also didn't like the romance. And the fact that Jace had these "superpowers" and he was this kind of god, and Clary drew these rune things all over her bodyy.
I don't like crappy boy bands. I don't like soda.. I don't like being stuck in traffic.. I hate Jace.
Cass: Da heck are you going on about?
Bee: ... I was quoting a book *cough* Nevermind
Cass: *shoots a funny look* Oookkaayy.
Bee: It's a coffee cup! I know it's like a coffee cup. Coffee.
Cass: ... *pats head* There there. XD
I didn't like that (^spoiler) either, and it just sickened me. Also didn't connect to the characters much. The story was a tad strange... Not my favourite series :/
Bee: I like soda! Wait she just said she didn't like soda. I don't get ittt
Cass: Shattup! You're ruining the post XD NEXT BOOK

Next up is Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas!

What we LIKED about it:

Bee: I loved the writing and I liked Celaena, obviously, because she's a badass, and she's awesome, and she kills people. >:D She's beautiful and vicious and friendly and funny and just everything. I liked how she was three dimensional like an actual person. I also liked the dog..
Cass: I adore this seriesss.. and everything she said *points above* XD and that this love triangle wasn't as stupid as most other YA triangles. The story was also awesome with loads of twists and stuff.

(:D That worked out much better than that disaster up there. *glares at CoB*)

What we DIDN'T like about it:

Bee: Um... It got really confusing at some parts, like she went dowwn..and then up..and then in the secrets tunnels? And then the days kind of passed by really confusingly and you know. The time was a little confusing.
Cass: Yehh.. the story itself was also a bit confusing in Crown of Midnight? I didn't really follow completely of what they were talking about. I hope the reread will be betterr :D

Now time for Unearthly by Cynthia Hand.

What we LIKED about thiss:
Bee: I really liked the concept, like the whole nephilim thing, and that they had visions with what they had to do. The fallen angels were cool, and that if you actually did the visions, you wings became darker! I like..whatsitcalled? Twins? Tucker? Oh yeah Tucker Avery. What else.. I think that's pretty much it.
Cass: Yepp I liked the whole angel thing, and the paranormal concept idea. Tucker was awesome, and I liked that the girl had the paranormal voodoo stuff instead of the guy having it. :D Her friend..angel friend..Angela? she was cool too. If I remember correctly, the book was also hilarious. and I love humour in books ;) *cough* I also like the dress in the cover XD

What we DIDN'T like:

Bee: I didn't like that Clara didn't follow her vision and all, because she was supposed to save this guy but she saved another person, and his brother didn't get to save anyone because she saved who he had to save, and his wings stayed black. That was kind of selfish.
Cass: I didn't like that the characters were a little flat for me? I dunno.. Oh and that Clara and Tucker's romance was too fast, in my opinion. There's not much I didn't like, because I expected this meeeh angel thing, but it exceeded mah expectations. *nods*

Aand I think that's enough for today? *looks at Bee*
Bee: Yes yes! Goodbye! See you on my blog *wink wink* XD
Cass: Heheh yeehh.. Buhbye hope you had fun..? reading it :D

—MissOddball™and Bee Over and Out. *salutes*


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