Wednesday, January 7, 2015

We will, we will rock 2015! Bookish style.

Whoa. To be totally honest I kind of can't believe it's already 2015. I mean, one minute it was the beginning of 2014, and then, BOOM, I'm almost 16 and I have a blog o.O

And talking of Fangirling Misses, I feel guilty. Really guilty. I know, I've been a very bad blogger and abandoned y'all lately *sniff* I'm sorry! Forgive me? *does killer puppy dog eyes* ;)


• Started a blog with my besties!
• Kept said blog running *gaasp*
• Read 59 books
• Met some amazing people and bloggers
• Discovered the secretive Australian blogosphere. I'm Blog Agent 007, if you were wondering....
• Received my first physical ARC!
• Won my first book giveaway!
• Won my first book swag.
• A proud owner of a tiny but dignified book shelf.
• Discovered Twitter, Instagram and Netgalley!
• Became addicted to said sites. Yes, that counts as an achievement. Don't question my logic.
• Joined some street teams. Hoped they would be more hands-on, but it's still fun nonetheless.


• I started dancing again.
• I received a trophy :D *huggles trophy*

Being the brainless newbie-who's-not-really-a-newbie-anymore-and-is-really-just-using-it-as-an-excuse that I am, I found myself at a bit of a loss at what to write even though I knew I wanted to signify the New Year in some way. So I (yes, I really really did) stalked some blogs for....wait for it....inspiration. Heh heh. And everyone seems to love writing blogger goals (why didn't I think of this? *sigh*). So here goes:


• Win more books. Yaasss.
• Buy more books.
• Get a job so I can buy more books.
• Write more informative reviews.
• Write more funny reviews.
• Go to bed earlier in the night *cough*it's always past 12 so morning*cough*
• Get a new blog theme. Kelly, I love you (so keep slaving away! jk, jk *grins*)
• Do something cool on my 16th birthday....except it's in less than 10 days, so I probably won't succeed in doing anything except sleep half the day and read books *scratches head*
• Schedule posts and organise blogging better.
• In fact, schedule my whole days (because I've been extremely unorganised lately *scowls*)
• Hit 200 blog followers!
• Find a healthy reading pace.
• Be more careful when requesting ARCs on Netgalley. A very big issue for bloggers I imagine ^^
• Celebrate FM's first blogoversary!!!!!
• Now that I have a small load of books, start practicing the art of book photography.
• Learn some CSS/HTML.
• Write more thoughtful/discussion posts.
• Join a 2015 book challenge or two, but don't overload. So far I'm leaning toward the 365 Days of YA Reading Challenge, the 2015 Debut Author Challenge, and the Fairytale Retelling Reading Challenge 2015. Thoughts people?
• Hopefully read 50 books (I read 59 last year, but I might not have as much time this year *sniff*)
• Catch up in TVD and The 100.
• Meet some bloggers in real this too much to ask?! *kneels before the book deities*
• Ace my school studies.....*wink*
• Study for my drivers licence!
• Pet my cats more. I've been a bad mummy *cries*

That's it for me! What are YOUR goals for 2015?


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