Wednesday, July 16, 2014

7/16 Random Updates (Pre?)Wednesdays Issue #7

Heyyy y'all!! Been a while since we did a random update! ;D I've been extremely busy getting ready for my dance comps........talking of which:

  • The comps are finally overrrrr!! *mimes popping of champagne lid* XD I'm in two groups at my dance school; the dance group with just peeps my age (we do three routines together: a jazz routine, a song and dance routine, and a neo-classical/contemporary), and the hiphop group (which is 48 strong including me)! *grins* Anyyhoooo, this was my first comps! So exciting! Unfortunately our neo routine got disqualified because of a mistake in the time length of the dance :( But we got HC aka 'highly commended' for the jazz and the s&d! :D The real highlight was the hiphop tho!!!! WE GOT 1ST PLACE!!!!!!!!! *FANS FACE AND SQUEALS ALL OVER AGAIN*
  • The comps were sooooo fuunn but I'm glad it's over too XD *flexes sore muscles* Plus my sleeping patterns are wacked -___- (which is why I typed this at 3:30 in the morning *sigh*) And I'm royally sick of makeup at the moment o.O And fake eyelashes. Did you know that fake eyelashes get itchy when you have them glued to your skin for 48 hours? *sniffs* Ohhhh and I had a few...........complications during the comps XDD *scowls and zips lips*
  • Rachel is back! *squeezes Rach tightly* Missed you while you were gone gurll!!! But she's finallyyy rejoined usssssss!! Dayuummm. *feels mildly jealous of all those overseas trips*......ookayyy. A lot jealous. XP
  • Ohh yeaaahh! We got nominated a 6th and 7th time for the Liebster Award! :D Thank you fellow bloggers! *group hug* I kept forgetting who nominated us tho o.O XDD So I've now written it all down in the new 'Features and Awards' page! Yaaayyyy!! *winks*
  • Cazz and I have revamped the blog's pages a know, the tabs near the top of this blog? XD Yuuuppp that's it.......we've cleaned it up and also added feature info, review request policies etc. so check it out and tell us what you think!
Ciao peeps *curtsies*

—MissBloodsucker™ All Sucked Out!


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