Wednesday, July 30, 2014

7/30 Random Updates (Pre?)Wednesdays Issue #8

Hey lovelies ;) How've you all been? Goood? Glad to hear :P

  • I have some crazyyyy newss!! Guess how many Liebster Award nominations we've received now? :D TEN!!!!!!! *THROWS CONFETTI AND RUNS IN CIRCLES* Thank you so much Rach my ToG ambassador twinner, and're awesome gurl! And of course the one and only Sandee! *one arm hug* And also thank you all our readers and fellow bloggers! So many of you talk, chat, share, and recommend books to us, and just make us feel so welcome in general! Love you all <3 *wipes eyes* Whoaaaa calm down there Belle *slaps forehead* XD But seriously, you guys rock! *group hug*
  • Ookayyy XD Enough with the drama *chides self* Also, if some of you missed this, Tia aka LittleMissTotem has joined our blogging ranks here at FM! Here's her welcome and Q&A post: dun dunn duunn!
  • Psst......also another second special peep might be joining ussss ^^.......*crosses fingers* Belle's alter ego: Woowww Belle, you rock at subtlety *facepalm*
  • Just yesterday I went to what we call 'Orientation Day' at the college (as in year 11 and 12, not uni ^^ *rolls eyes at muuricannss*) that I'll be attending next year! Basically we try out 4 subject areas to help us decide what subjects to take next year. I ended up trying health studies, french, media production, and dance! It was soooo much fuunn ;) I met a bunch of cool peeps and everythang was great.....except at one point the other kids tried to get me to do a solo of the routine we'd just learnt in the dance class because apparently I was really good *shudders* The teacher saved me *sighs in relief* No solos for meee naahh uhh! *nods quickly*
  • Ohh and for you crazy Lux me *winks* yaaassssss I know you're out there!! :P, I'll be writing a post discussing (and ranting) about the teasers for Opposition that are being released as part of the official book tour! I can't believe the series is almost over :O *wails* DAEMON! KATY! DEE! ARCHER! DAWSON! THE LIST GOES ON! on ze lookout for ze post ;)


The Maze Runner Trailer #2 Doesn't it loook epic? ^^

The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies Teaser Trailer KDSHDKJFGDSSLJL LOTR LOVER *points to self*

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Teaser Trailer! Ooooooooo! *leans forward* :D
Dun dunn duunn!

That's it from me! :D Whatchu think of the movie trailers??

—MissBloodsucker™ All Sucked Out!


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