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Musing Monday #2 — Opposition (Lux #5) book tour teasers!

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The time has come to rant discuss the Opposition teasers!

Source of Pic: Mundie Moms
Heyyho all Lux luvers! Who's been keeping up with the book tour for Opposition leading up to it's release on the 5th Aug?!
Belle's alter ego: *sticks hand up*
*rolls eyes* I know that. Be silent. XD
Well, I wanted to talk to you dedicated Lux readers about the teasers our deaarr Jennifer L. Armentrout has been giving to us! ^^
Yess, you heard correct! TEASERS. When I first found out I was like....

But then I read said teasers, and I became like....

Yup. Have fun XD But you so wanna read these, even if they break you apart! Trust me on this ;)
So first off, for those who don't have the tour list, here it is:
7/15 – Mundie Moms
7/18 – Book Hounds
7/20 – Cover Contessa
Did you just see what they did?? Yaahh. You know what I mean don't you? The convenient 9 day gap before Secretly Adorkable's teaser?! *hisses in exasperation* Sneaky rats. Why didn't I notice that till I'd read all the other teasers and was anxiously awaiting the last? -___- Meh. XD
Anyways, you can click the tour stops above to go straight to the excerpt posts......and I'd advise going through them in the order listed, since the teasers directly follow each other.....see why I was so flabbergasted with that 9 day trick yet? *nods smugly* I thought so.
Now read it! So I can have someone to discuss with!
*5 minutes later*
Yaayyy you've read it! Dun dunn duunn.....here comes my barrage of thoughts......*elegant flourish*
For the first 4 teasers: Kat's pov
AHHHHH!!!!!! That little biatchhhhh Sadi!!! She's worse than Ash was!!! DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE I WILL HAVE VENGEANCE ON HER GLOWY SOUL.....NOT THAT SHE ACTUALLY HAS ONE ^^ *HISSES*
DAEMONNN!!!!!! DEE!!!!!! *smacks into wall* What's wrong with them?? *whimpers* Are they faking or are they really brainwasheddd???
*world wide pandemic* I'm scared. So scared to read Opposition :/ But I know I will, 'cause I just HAVE to read what happens! *rocks back and forth* I feel like I'm going crazy. Literally crazy *goes Ms. Karp mode* XD Hurry up release date!! -___- *shakes random peeps shoulders*
For the next 2 teasers: Daemon's pov *squeals*
“Body say hello to wall.” *snickers*
And who da heck is this Rolland a**hole to order everyone around like little slave dogs?? >:O *cough* excuse my language *cough XD
OMG HIVEEE???? This IS brainwashing!! :O Any human emotions left?? *horrified look* And here we thought Luxens were ze good guys o.O Apparently not......at least, not in this sinister hive thang they have going on ^^ If this is how the Luxens were like back in their home planet before it was destroyed, by the Wyrd, give them some humanity! XDD
For the next 2 teasers after that: Daemon's pov continues :D
Can I kill this Rolland guy? And practically the whole Luxen race? Pretty please? Cherries on top? *flashes murderous smirk*
Dee.....? *whimpers* It seems that Daemon's at least partly there, but Dee?! *chin wobbles* She's completely gone? *cries*
.....waaaitt WHERE ARE THE OTHERS??? o.O Where is Dawson? Wouldn't he be with Dee and Daemon.......? *furrows brow and shoots worried glance*
Loosserrrrrrr Sadi XDD *waggles fingers and slams door*
For the last teaser: Back to Kat's :P
Poor Katy :/

And that's it folks :D What are your thoughts?? (.......if any of you have sumfin nice to say about Sadi.....which you don't....*narrows eyes*.....I will rip you to pieces. Friendly warning :P)

Psst......the last excerpt has an international giveawaayyyy for a signed copy of Oppositionnn *sings*
Double psst you can also go to iBooks to read a sample of the first 2 mind-blowing chappies of Opposition ^^ *winks*


—MissBloodsucker™ All Sucked Out!


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