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Thanks Cassie dear for tagging me for this on Facebook :P Since my FB acc is pretty private, I've decided to post my #tenbookchallenge on ze blog so I can easily tag some blogger buddies ;)
There wasn't much info so I searched up the challenge and found these rules:

“List 10 books that have stayed with you in some way. Do not take more than a few minutes and do not think too hard. They do not have to be the “right” books or great works of literature, just ones that have affected you in some way. Paste these instructions and tag 10 friends, including me, so I can see your list.”

Sounds really fun! Ookayy, so I failed the "take only a few minutes" and the "don't think too hard" parts, but oh wells XD I'm a perfectionist! *sticks out tongue* Anyhoo here goes:

1. Throne of Glass.......pretty predictable right? *winks* No seriously, ToG really reconsolidated my love for high fantasy and YA! And then there's Celaena and her epicness. This series is just......*happy sigh* amazeballs. I BEG everyone to read it!
Traitor Belle: It's her ego.....*smirks*

2. Maximum Ride: it was one of the series that really got me into YA, and tho I now realize that Max is......*cough*a bit of an annoying MC*cough*, this series will definitely stay with me, forever lodged in my head. Yay?

3. Lux! Come on ;) Daemon is worthy of a solid gold statue in his image, and Katy is a BOOK BLOGGER. Enough said.

4. Lord of the Rings. Honestly, I don't remember what reading the books are like anymore, but this was one of the first book series I ever read and definitely had an impact on me and cultivated my love of high/epic fantasy! And if you're wondering, no, I was not a late bookworm, I just read LoTR when I was pretty young....

5. The Darkest Minds. Bracken <3 You showed me how delicate and precious writing can be. I love your style! #authorcrush

6. The Book Thief :) Such the epitome of spectacular well-roundedness. Writing skills, uniqueness, plot work, underlying messages etc. This author has SKILL. He even manages to make you adore Death ^^ Cool huh?

7. Twilight......and no, it's not on this list because I liked it XP Rather, Twilight brought about my hate of meek charries *cough*BellaSwan*cough*.....can I ask whyyy must I share my name with her?! *whines* XD

8. Warriors! Yup I'm talking about the multi-series of books about cats :P I first picked up a Warrior Cat book, The Darkest Hour, I believe, when I was 9 and browsing in the local library, and from then on I read every single book and extra I could till I finally stopped at 14 when the 4th Warrior series ended ^^ a 5/6 year love affair.....good times ;) It even gave me great inspiration for kitten names when we used to breed kitties ;P The names even matched the kits! Briarkit was so......briar-y o.O She was such a clawer! *shudders* She shredded things like she had razor blades on her was scary!

9. The Iron Fey series showed me how well humor can be infused in YA to make the best kind of enjoyable stay-up-late-at-night reads! Ohhh Grimalkin and Puck you dears....keeping up to mischief I'm sure! >:D And of course the SWOOONNN. Ash was the Prince of Swoon! His declarations of love and loyalty are just so....*dreamy eyes*

10. Harry Potter. Surely you're not surprised; this list wouldn't be complete without Harry :D These were the first EVER proper books I read (I was 7), and the reason I became a bookworm. Plus it gave me an awesome role model as a child to look up to: Hermione is da bomb! I have my parents to thank for forcing me to read HP! THANK YOU, YOU'RE THE BEST PARENTS EVERRR *beams*

I tag:
1. Tia at Read It Write Now and co-blogger here at FM!
2. Summer at MissFictional's World of YA Books
3. Dana at DanaSquare who co-blogs with one of my GR besties Rachel!
4. Alma at Journey Through Fiction
5. Laura at Boats Against The Current
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7. Blessie at Mischievous Reads
8. Jessica at Ramblings on Reading
9. Amber and Jess at The Book Bratz
10. Kyra at Blog of a Bookaholic
...And anyone who wants to join in!

You don't have to do it of course, but I'm sure you'll find it as fun and eye-opening as I did! :D

—MissBloodsucker™ All Sucked Out!


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