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MissBloodsucker generally goes by Belle, which is just one of her many nicknames, but it's her favourite, so she'll be using Belle a lot in her posts.
She has many personalities, and sometimes they conflict......if you're a close follower of this humble blog, you might have noticed her personalities bickering. She's just cool like that ;)

Belle was born in Sydney, Australia, but moved to Tasmania years ago and started homeschooling. She just completed her last year of homeschooling and is spending her holiday dreading starting grade 11 in an actual school with loads of crazy teenagers. Just kidding. She's looking forward to it. Really.

She's a midget sized (but don't let her hear that *wink*), math-loving, chemisty-riddled teenage brainiac who takes great pride in her fickle fashion sense and soaring academic dreams.....dreams she hopes to make reality in a few months, though she's also rather apprehensive of the outcome. Wish her luck :)

Her fav books include: Throne of Glass, Lux, The Darkest Minds, The Dark Elements, Bloodlines and The Iron Fey.
She is also a total movie fanatic, and you can find her in the video store or the local movie cinema at least once a week :P She refuses to pick favourites. That's simply impossible.
She does watch the occasional TV show, and if you happened to catch her in the act, the chances are she'd be watching: Game of Thrones, Friends, The 100, Vikings, and The Vampire Diaries.

Despite her small but loved bookshelf, she's lucky because she has her trusty iPad that she will perpetually hold close to her heart.
She loves reading YA and NA and adores strong female heroines, her absolute favourite taking the form of Celaena Sardothien from the Throne of Glass series.

You can find her shadowing Twitter at @FangirlingMisse or haunting Instagram at @fangirlingmisses and you can add her on Goodreads (MissBloodsucker). Just beware of her bite ;)


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