Fangirling Misses Presents...


*wavess* Ello!! I'm Cassie, AKA MissOddball, because I believe everyone is an oddball if you just admit it to yourself (Insane and Proud.) :D Uhmm.. HUUGE Potterhead (HP is mah being. Luna is my idol), and my top fav books are:
Harry Potter
The Book Thief
The Darkest Minds
If you haven't read those, you don't know the meaning of life.
Book hubby: Liam Stewart from TDM (*points at #3 on list*) I'm a ninja,
Dauntless/Amity, Assassin, plenty of other things I aint gonna tell you.
You can usually find me on my bed reading or on the net surfing Goodreads (and making sure our little birdies in our GR group don't kill each other :P). I haven't written that many reviews before...yeah XD But I'm getting more experience through this so hushhhh! *pouts* My rating depends on my mood so NEVER rely just on that. Or you'll be like "I thought you hated it! 2 star!" Me: Whaaa.. It wasn't that baddd... YOU DIDN'T READ THE REVIEW DIDNTCHA You: *confrazzled* Heheheh...
Aaand I'm out of things to say so bye I guess? *waves awkwardly and walks away*

–MissOddball™ Over and Out. *salutes*


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